Ruffian is a Rogue that uses daggers.

Becoming a Ruffian Edit

  • The character must be a Rogue at level 20.
  • Speak to Tierre in Alker Harbor and accept the quest 'A Request From the Union - Job Change.'
  • Speak to Vancloudia in Zakandia Outpost.
  • Go to Tarintus to defeat Mimics and collect 30 requested items.
  • Speak to Vancloudia again.
  • Speak to Tierre again. You are now a Ruffian.


The Ruffian is a second class in the Rogue job tree that specializes in using daggers. They possess a number of new skills that allow them to maximize their critical damage abilities and evasion. Ruffians also bring a few new attacks to the table that allow some flexibility in the role the Ruffian plays. Attacks include Rage Step and Perforate, both of which are very effective against singular enemies. For those looking for more AoE oriented builds, Wind Breaking allows the Ruffian to begin fighting groups for heavy grinding.

Skills Edit

Dusk Slashing

Heart Blast 10

Perforate 5

DetecHole 5

Wind Breaking 5

Light Evasion 4

Blindside 3

Zephyr 3

Quick Move 2

Team Evasion 4

Blessing Rogue 10