Rogues are versatile hunters able to wield daggers and bows with deadly proficiency. These nimble damage dealers wear light armor, focusing on evasion to avoid attacks and defeating their enemies before they have a chance to strike back.
  — Old Luna Description 

A Human Rogue

Rogue specializes in swift execution of their skills and are proud of their critical attacks as well as their evasion.

Overview Edit

Rogues, although lacking in power, are great at using bows and evasion. By being masters of the bow, the Rogue is able to use range skills even though they are not Mages and with their dagger and critical, their attacks on the battlefield make up for their lower attack power compared to a Fighter.

Next Job (Tier 2)Edit

A rogue can become a Ruffian and use dagger to deal high damage to the enemy with their evasion and critical hits or become a Voyager who specialize in bow and using long range attacks.



Rogues can only specialize in two different kinds of weapons: Bow or Dagger.


Light Armor is best suited for Rogue since it's the only armor a Rogue can wear proficiently. Dexterity is the main stat in these type of armor.

Skills Edit

Active Skill listEdit

Skill Req. Equipment Attack Type (Range) Casting Time
Dusk Slashing Dusk Slashing Dagger Single Target Instant
Slashes a close target to deal X damage and cause Bleed that deals X damage per second for 8.0s by 85% chance.
Heart Blast Heart Blast Dagger Single Target Instant
Lands a powerful piercing attack on the target and deals X damage.
Power Shot Power Shot Bow Single Target (25m) Instant
Casts a sharp arrow of the wind to deal X damage to enemy.
Needle Shot Needle Shot Bow Single Target Instant
Stabs a close enemy with an arrow to deal X damage and deal additional Y Bleed damage per second for 8.0s. Also reduces the target's Physical Damage by Q with P% chance.
Zephyr Zephyr --- Player Buff (20m) 2.0s
Increases the target's Dexterity by X for 20m.
Quick Move Quick Move --- Self Buff 0.5s
Increases the caster's Movement Speed by X%for 10m.
Deter up Deter Up --- Single Target Instant
Detonates mana to inflict X damage and pushes target back. Reduces the pushed target's Movement Speed by 25% for 5.0s.
Sand spray Sand Spray --- Single Target Instant
There is no description available for this skill but it seems this skill reduces target's Accuracy.
Team evasion Team Evasion --- Party Buff Instant
Increases party memeber's Accuracy and Dodge rate by X% and X% for 15m.
Rogue's blessing Rogue's Blessing --- ???  ???

Passive Skill listEdit

Passive Skill
Light evasion Light Evasion

Equipping Leather type armor in the armor slot gives X% increase in Dodge Rate.

Blind side Blindside

Increases Critical Chance by X.

Lucky position Lucky Position

Trains to use luck effectively. Increases Critical Damage by X.

Bluff stance Bluff Stance

Trains to threaten the enemy with bluffing. Amazingly, the training actually works and increases MAX HP and MAX MP by X and Y.