Burning Rage is a buff, which will increase the player's self physical attack. This skill is available to any class of the character. It is, however, available to only human character. The Elf character will not be able to use this skill.


Take any accessory which will increase HP regeneration rate and equip it. If HP generation rate is greater the HP loss rate, this technique can be very useful.

Stage OneEdit

Burning Rage Name Weapon Type Prerequisite Max Level
Burning Rage None Active None 1
Skill Level Player Level HP per second SP Gold Effects Cool-Down
1 1 6 3 1000 increase the player physical attack by 6%, but will drain players HP over a period of time. When HP is very low, the skill will automatically dispell, and will not be activate until you heal reach one point. This effect will last as long as player have enough HP.

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